Time and cost of delivery
Delivery time depends on the region that you are in. In some cases the delivery period can be increased but the User will be promptly notified.
In the event of late delivery, whatever the reasons the operator of the "New Style" is obliged to inform the customer about it and said a new date of delivery.

Supply of goods
All details of the delivery will be specified in the telephone conversation to confirm your order.
In the packaging of each item purchased, the user will receive document for payment.
The ordered goods from the consumer are supplied in an appropriate appearance on specified by the Customer delivery address in the arranged delivery date. Ordered item is transmitted to the delivery address of the User or a third party representative to accept and confirm by signing the accompanying shipping documents , used for the acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment receipt by the User.
If the user is not found in time for delivery of the goods or there is no access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, the provider is exempt from the obligation to deliver the goods.

The User can confirm their willingness to receive the goods after the initial deadline of the delivery, in which he/she was not found at the address, by covering all shipping costs. In this case, a new delivery date term starts from the time of confirmation of the information stated in the previous sentence.